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I have favorite sports teams, I also know how to be unbiased about a topic, player, or team. Being from a city (Philadelphia) that is so rich in sports tradition I think I know a thing or two about all things sports. I also believe I could teach the average SoCal (I now live in LA) sports fan what it means to be a fanatic.
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1 year ago

Western Conference Preview: Warriors vs Thunder

I've done my best to keep my bias to myself, but this this is the matchup that I've been waiting for all season. The OKC Thunder are in Oakland to begin the Western Conference Finals against the defending ...

Looking out for the little guys.

Each year the NCAA Tournament rolls around and each year a player unknown to the nation puts on a show, then everyone wants to claim they knew about him after watching a few YouTube clips. Each year around this time ...

NBA AllStar Reserves

The All Star staters have been announced, I don't think anyone has an issue with who's starting (if you do take issue with starting message me, I'd love a good debate). Tomorrow the reserves will be announced ...

2 years ago

Live Blog: Texan vs Colts.

Both teams come into this game struggling, fortunalety for the Colts their struggles have been held to a minimum. Andrew Luck has played well below exceptions (his own and his fantasy owners), 5 TD's and 7 INT's isn ...

Live Blog: Houston vs Kansas City

KC's back in the playoffs and they're confident which could be trouble for Houston. The Royals finished with the best record in the American League and won their division by the biggest margin in all of baseball. This ...

Live Blog: Toronto vs Texas

The last North American professional sports team to make a playoff berth is finally in. The Toronto Blue Jays are hosting a playoff series and entire country can breathe a sigh of relief. The Jays won the American League East ...

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1 year ago

OBJ is really good, but in a league where the average play time is 3-4 years you need consistency, OBJ needs another year like he just had. Hopefully Victor Cruz come back and takes pressure OBJ and allows him to ...

LeBron carried the City of Cleveland on his back.

@Joshua Thompson No, we were saying the same thing last game only this time it's in favor of Cleveland.

Each team is turning the ball over too much. Shots that Steph and Klay usually make aren't falling. LeBron is not settling for the jumper and he's attacking. Golden State has to open up the offense to break ...

Honorary Splash bro tonight?

Steph doesn't like players talking to him,

LeBron playing that free safety in the paint.

Entertaining 1st quarter. LeBron is locked in and it's a sight to see.

Kevin Love is very active.

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